A new-wave bistronomy restaurant in The Pijp


Arles is a new-wave bistronomy restaurant in De Pijp that is distinctive in Amsterdam given its accessible ambiance, its néo-bistro dishes and exciting wines.

Hypercoaster has created the entire restaurant, from experience to design, and from branding to menu development.

The menu is changed monthly and serves what the market has to offer. For 37 Euros, one can make a choice out of three dishes, which makes it very accessible. The creative chef at Arles is Numa Muller. He prepares dishes that are understandable, but that at the same time surprise by combining his French cuisine with new flavours and influences from elsewhere.

The restaurant consists out of four intimate rooms: the salon, the wine room, the serre and the garden. Wooden floors, warm tiles and green walls create a sympathetic ambiance with a clear French connection. An important element in the ambiance forms the attractive art collection with art and photography, inspired by the city of Arles.

The service in Arles is informal, laid back and friendly. In this restaurant, guests should feel so welcome and unconnected to boundaries that it is as if they dine at home with friends.

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