Prince de Galles Hotel

A luxury collection hotel at Avenue George V in Paris


For the operator and owner of the Prince de Galles hotel - a luxury collection hotel - on Avenue George V in Paris - Hypercoaster has developed a strategic document to support this iconic hotel in an exciting phase that it is about to enter.

With the 2013 refurbishment, the strategic direction for the F&B of the hotel seem to have been focussing on French gastronomical excellence with the restaurant La Scène as the ultimate culinary showcase. The second Michelin star that was received in January of this year may have been a great achievement, from a business perspective the restaurant has shown less optimistic figures over the last years.  With the closure of the restaurant in February 2019, it is therefore commonly felt that the new F&B direction should be more relevant to the market, and obviously profitable to the hotel. The fact that the hotel is located in the Golden triangle seems to offer plentiful of opportunities: at every moment of the day there is an opportunity to generate revenue in this area that is so full of affluent locals, companies and visitors alike. At the same time, however, it is known that the Parisian restaurant scene is highly competitive, and to win the hearts of the Parisians is usually not regarded as an easy task to accomplish. Finally, there is the consideration that the future F&B outlets should fit with the identity and positioning of this iconic hotel.

The goal of the document that was created was to provide an overview in the maze of possibilities that these considerations have raised.  It has given a visualisation of the most viable strategic options, taking into considerations the opportunities in the market, the strategic considerations as well as the operational possibilities within the hotel. 


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